GNU IT Solutions & Services Pvt. Ltd (GITSS) is celebrating it's 6th anniversary officially though we are 13 years into this industry since 2002 and we have made some radical changes to make this group visible globally. GITSS has the aim of spreading it's wings in the field of Free and Open Source(FOSS) Technology and training the future prospects. We are proud to announce that in past 13 years we have trained more than 3500 students and shown them path towards success. This would have been difficult if we would not have strong leaders.

Each and every person who becomes a part of the Group is important and will remain the same throughout the lifetime. Our leaders are always available for the community, striving to make one more leader out of you in Foss domain with a great career. The group is promoted by ex-IBMer's and ex-GE personnels with expertise in various technologies, now via this group it intends to bring FOSS expertise into the technology arena with training, solutions, services, development and developing customized products.

2002 - 2005

GNUGroup/ILGLabs started working on training and consulting projects on GNU/Linux & BSD like Lamp Stacks etc for Web Hosting providers.

2006 - 2009

As the demand of GNU/Linux Professionals increased, it made training wing of ILGLabs to include more variety of training programs like - PHP, PERL, C,C++ along with GNU/Linux & BSD.

2010 - 2012

Inception as private limited company GNU IT Solutions & Services Pvt. Ltd. (GITSS) is registered.

2013 - 2021

GITSS started with Ai/ML/DL trainings and consulting services.

Also GITSS started:
a) Data Science with Apache Spark training & consulting.
b) Starts-Customized training on Databases - Mysql, Postgresql, Oracle & Consulting on it.

Started Successfully delivering online trainings and support services to esteemed Clients of GITSS.
Provides technical experts to industry for their various needs.